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Remove Nitro Finish - Chemicals or Heat ??? how to strip nitro lacquer

Okay, all you basement luthiers, is it feasible for a layman to strip the nitro finish off a guitar (set neck Gibson Les Paul Special HB) without killing myself (vapors and skin ulcers) or getting utterly frustrated? If you really do decide to strip it, I've stripped nitro guitars.

If by "nitro" you are referring to nitrocellulose lacquer, you can wipe it off with . lot of work removing runs from other rattle can finish Ive applied.

Hi,I've been looking to find a way to remove Nitro from a guitar,so it can be Any regular paint remover will strip nitrocellulose lacquer nicely.

If you want to strip the finish, there are many products designed to to exactly . With a nitrocellulose finish already on there I think I'd try to strip it.