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6 Ways To Play With His Testicles That Drive Men CRAZY (In A Good Way) | YourTango lick testicles

As much as you may love his penis, you probably have iffy feelings toward his testicles. The testicles, that sack that looks like two ping pong balls at the base of his penis, are a confusing element. Here are six disgusting things that can happen when you lick his testicles.

But his testicles are often overlooked, probably because you don't 2. Lick them. Kissing his testicles is like making out with his penis's neck.

Testicles have a layer of muscle over them that extends upward towards You can even ice them and then lick them immediately afterward.

Testicles are so frequently left out of the fun that even the simplest licks or touches can leave the recipient breathless. Here are the dos and.