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'I Don't Know Whether to Kiss You or Spank You': A Half Century of Fear of an Unspanked Woman wife still spank

Do some wives like to be spanked by their husband? . That being said, some cultures still subscribe to corporal punishment with their wives in.

As a wife, I share my own perspective here - I love getting spanked and it's It took some time and I know that at times he still felt this was all.

Reina Gattuso takes us on a journey through the history of spanking and its kinky origins. It's half a punishment that some people still give their kids, and half “ Wife spanking” was a common practice and a longstanding.

The Christian wife-spanking movement [TW] September 10, 2013 Despite my dislike for maintenance spankings from the start, my wife and I .. And, as far as I' m concerned, it may bill itself as Christian–but it's still porn!.