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Butch lesbians are paying a price for bending gender rules | Julie Bindel | Opinion | The Guardian dirty butch dyke lesbian stories

The term dyke (or dike) is a slang noun meaning lesbian; it is also a slang adjective describing things associated with lesbianism. It originated as a homophobic and misogynistic slur for a masculine, butch.

A queer publication about butch identity and culture for Butch Dykes, Butch of BUTCHES AGAINST TRANSPHOBIA T-SHIRT - butch lesbian, butch dyke.

As a femme lesbian woman, butch/femme is a part of my legacy and history Lesbian prostitutes and sex workers, writers of explicit sexual stories . and loving even in the middle of hard, messy, complicated conversations.

"If you're butch and older than 25, there's not a lot of visibility. with aggression, ugliness, and loneliness; the "old butch dyke" trope writ large. Esther Godoy, who leads an ongoing project titled Butch is Not a Dirty Word. That's very common—it's sort of the standard story, so I wanted to move past that.