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Served over orzo pasta instead of rice, this easy chicken and tomato curry is Our chicken orzo recipe makes an ideal, nutritious family dinner.

2 Tbsp olive oil 48 oz chicken broth1.5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts4 teaspoons thai curry paste1lb broccoli stir fry mix, frozen2 teaspoons curry.

One pot chicken and orzo with onions, tomato, garlic. Silky and savory like our sopa seca de fideo angel hair dish, but with little rice-shaped orzo pasta. First you brown the chicken, then brown the orzo in the rendered fat, and then add some onions and garlic.

Curry Chicken Orzo Salad Recipe | Tender chicken, orzo, apples, almonds and celery tossed in a creamy curried mayonnaise dressing. Serve on thick sliced.