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Crank That (Soulja Boy) Lyrics: Yuuuuuuu / Soulja Boy tell 'em / Ayy, I got this new dance for y'all called the Soulja Boy / You just gotta punch.

Crank Dat Lyrics: (Yoooouuuu!) / Soulja boy I tell 'em / Hey I got a new dance fo you all called the soulja boy / (Yoooouuuu!) / You gotta punch then crank back.

Full and accurate LYRICS for "I Miss you Soulja Boy" from "Ryan Higa": Chorus, Thought I crank dat without you, But I cant I dont know how to (oh yea), I Asian boy is back, but this time, hes sad. Verse 1. I spent long time thinking about you.

Emotional Crank Soulja boy off in this hoe Watch me crank it Watch me roll Watch me crank that soulja boy Then super man that hoe Now watch me you (crank.