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We have all read fantasy stories of littles kept in a diaper for days or weeks and feed only bottles of formula or baby food. 4.8K Reads 11 Votes 4 Part Story baby food. This isn't safe, but we can get close to making it a reality. abdl; diapers.

Read The Solution from the story ABDL stories by RedAlexandria with 50424 reads. She then went on to force-feed Amy the pills, and some pills to keep her asleep. All the clothes were replaced with things babies would wear, and diapers.

A 24 year-old photographer lives as a full-time adult baby – and even poops and pees in special adult baby diapers he buys online. The snapper, called David, embraced the adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) community five years ago after a tough childhood which saw his parents abandon.

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